HRH The Duke of Edinburgh An Equestrian Tribute

To all Members of our Equestrian Family

His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh sadly passed away on 9th April 2021, at the age of 99. A huge force for good in the equestrian world, his contributions and commitment have left an unequalled legacy. 

The Horse World Remembers – an Equestrian Tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh will be coordinated by Royal Windsor Horse Show, of which he was the active President for 30 years. During a time when we may not be able to pay tribute in person, The Horse World Remembers will provide a way to celebrate and commemorate the life of a remarkable man – available to all online who wish to pay their respects.

          Amongst his other manifold achievements, His Royal Highness was a great equestrian. Combining the best qualities of both horsemanship and sportsmanship, the Duke competed at the highest level in Polo and Carriage Driving and was one of the driving forces behind the instigation of the latter on the world stage. He administered and led the International Equestrian Federation in one of the sport’s most successful phases, starting and supporting new equestrian disciplines, and even utilising his engineering interest to develop state of the art carriages for competition. Elsewhere, his genuine and engaged patronage of the Pony Club encouraged youth involvement in the sport at the grassroots level.

          At the heart of The Horse World Remembers is an online Book of Condolence, which will form the platform for our collective memories and tributes. Messages from organisations and individuals, professionals and amateurs alike are all welcome. Please feel free to write whatever comes to your mind. It could be personal, it could be reflective, it could be joyous or it could be a message to His Royal Highness to thank him for his contribution to the horse world. Your message could be anonymous or not, it is up to you – photographs, stories, condolences and thoughts are all welcome. We also encourage you to share this opportunity with your society members and friends in the equestrian community. The Book of Condolence can be found at www.horseworldremembers.com . We will also be sharing stories across social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) using #HorseWorldRemembers.

          During the 2021 Royal Windsor Horse Show (1st to 4th July) the entries to the Book of Condolence will be on display on a Wall. The Wall will become a central feature for people to remember The Duke of Edinburgh, and his amazing equestrian achievements. The entries will also be bound into a book for presentation to Her Majesty The Queen.

          The online Book of Condolence will stay active for four weeks from today. We are sure your contribution will mean so much to the family.